High-Quality Recruitment Copywriting

Save Time and Money. Get More Clients and Candidates. Establish Authority.

Be a Go-To Recruitment Expert of Employers

Gain the trust of your clients by producing content that showcase your recruitment expertise

Be the Recruitment Agency of Choice of Candidates

Gain the confidence of your candidates by providing expert career advice

Be a Trusted Recruitment Brand within Your Industry

Achieve recognition within your industry by publishing relevant and trustworthy content


As a recruitment agency owner, you are no stranger to common marketing challenges:

  1. Spending too much time trying different recruitment marketing strategies
  2. Spending too much money on advertising
  3. Spending too much energy doing both marketing and recruiting

And yet – You’re not seeing results!

You’ve experienced:

  1. Low client growth
  2. Unfilled job vacancies
  3. Competitors doing better than you.

You feel overwhelmed with ideas about what you should and shouldn’t be doing and all the business and marketing stuff giving you the unnecessary headache. You feel frustrated and confused.

Now, you should start to realize that…

Your marketing strategy and online presence are more important than ever before.

But, you can’t be the best recruiter out there, work long hours and manage your brand online all by yourself.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Gem Siocon, a recruitment copywriter and digital marketing professional.

If you want to:

  • Hire more highly-qualified applicants
  • Book more premium clients
  • Gain more authority within your niche

To eventually…

  • Increase your revenue
  • Expand your business

Then, there are things you NEED to do:

  • Have a high-quality recruitment website loaded with relevant and trustworthy content to gain the trust of your readers
  • Solid recruitment content to attract and engage the right clients and candidates
  • Strong SEO techniques throughout your marketing strategy to boost your online visibility and receive more web traffic

When you work with me, I will create recruitment content that will show future clients why they should choose you.

You’ll save time and energy as clients choose you to be their recruitment service-provider.

Recruiters with a strong digital brand have more opportunities to work with reputable companies and in-demand talent.

Hire me for your recruitment copywriting.


Whether you’re creating copy for candidates, employers or search engines, it’s essential you optimise your content for people and search. While great content boosts clicks, downloads, likes and shares, ultimately it builds trust and loyalty, which helps in repeat business and referrals.

Recruitment Copywriting

Regardless of your recruitment niche, copywriting and content marketing is now seen as an essential business strategy for staffing companies.   

The recruitment sector is constantly changing, so you need a copywriter who can keep on top of the latest trends and developments in your specific recruitment speciality.

Why You Need Copywriting for your Recruitment Business

  • Get your website found by search engines
  • Drive relevant, qualified visitors to your site
  • Convert visitors to real, paying customers 
  • Improve your industry authority

Copywriting Services

Unsure what type of content you need to reach your ideal audience?  Some of the tried and tested content formats I can produce for you:

Blog PostWebsite Copy
Social Media CopyJob Posting and Advertising
White PapersCase Studies
Career SitesCandidate-focused email series

The Copywriting Process

1. Collaborate

We’ll work together to discover and formulate a content marketing plan that best suits your business:

  • company goals
  • customer profiles
  • keyword research

2. Research

I’ll perform in-depth research to ensure each piece of content is engaging, factual and web-optimized:

  • topic and theme research
  • inbound link building
  • interview your in-house experts
  • quote the latest industry studies and statistics
  • feature company achievements and milestones
  • publish customer success stories

3. Create

I’ll write content and copy based on your chosen content format.

4. Edit

My goal is to make you happy and content in your content and copy.

To do that, I’ll send you the first content/copy draft for feedback and approval.

5. Publish

After the update/revision, the final copy/content is now ready for posting on your site and shared to your customers.

If you’re looking for a recruitment copywriter to market your business, send me a message.

Are you ready to stand out in the recruitment crowd?

Hire me to deliver engaging content that attracts and converts premium clients and highly-skilled candidates


Need help to grow your recruitment business?

I can be your go-to recruitment copywriter.

I know it can be hard to schedule time building your digital presence in between client meetings and candidate screenings so let me be the one to do that work for you!

How Can I Help You?

Who I Am?

I’m Gem Siocon, a digital marketing professional and freelance writer. I have worked with recruitment agencies of various niches: automotive, healthcare and skilled trades.

What I Do?

Blog Writing that educates and engages employers and job seekers to your recruitment skills and career expertise.

Web Copywriting that attracts and converts clients and candidates to your recruitment brand and services.

Long-form Content like ebooks and whitepapers that establish your thought leadership in the latest recruitment trends and issues.

What Do I Offer?

In the online world, it’s not enough to have a website that converts your target audience but also web content that appeals to search engines.  

With knowledge of UX and SEO writing copywriting principles, I write copy that is informational, engaging, easy to read, search-engine-optimized and social-media friendly.

How I do it?

I use my expert knowledge, skills and personal experience in the following topics:

  • digital marketing
  • social recruiting
  • career website optimization
  • employer branding
  • SEO
  • content marketing
  • recruitment marketing
  • employee engagement
  • recruitment advertising
  • copywriting
  • email marketing

Contact me to schedule a free, content analysis and strategy session.



Contact Info

Skype: gemmalyn0123